Wake up. Rush. Eat. Commute. Work. Eat. Collapse. Repeat. Sound familiar? Life can be hectic. Just think about all of the duties, demands, and responsibilities you cram into each and every day, keeping all of the balls in the air. Not very zen, is it?

So, why not start off on a better foot? Why not make more time for yourself and your wellbeing? Meditation is a scientifically proven method of not only finding the calm but of carrying it through the day. 

Sounds good, but you’re too busy? You need to make more time. We know it’s tempting, but don’t touch that snooze button. Sure, a few more Z’s wouldn’t go amiss, but take it from us: those few minutes in the morning dedicated to meditation? Well, it’s going to blow your mind.

The benefits of morning meditation

Starting with stillness sets your day on the sunny side of the street because it boosts your overall wellbeing. It enhances certain activity in the brain that pumps positive emotions and experiences. Introducing the life-affirming, healthy practice of morning meditation for just a few minutes of your day is going to reap some serious rewards. We’re talking about:

  1. Helping you to cope.
    Meditation enhances resilience because breath regulation leads to calm. This helps to combat anxiety and stress levels. It even helps with pain tolerance.
  2. Staying calm in stressful or challenging situations.
    Meditation gives us the tools to keep our cool.
  3. Enhancing awareness. Getting in touch with our mind and body allows us to relax and understand where any tension lies.
  4. Focus on the day ahead.
    Meditating helps us to set our intentions for the day and find the big picture.

Close your eyes…

So, find a comfortable spot. Allow yourself to relax, just sink into that chair. Close your eyes. Pay attention to your breath. Allow your muscles to get heavy. Scan your body, giving awareness to your limbs and face. Focus on how you feel.

MARning Meditation

Every day at The MAR at 9 AM we feed our hearts and souls, and then – just for fun – we feed our bellies. We think it’s only right that we reward ourselves with some coffee and donuts after we have reached our zen, after all.

Meditating in person is an effective way to find the stillness, plus it’s a great social outlet. You never know, you might even get to avail of some pet therapy, since Stewie the cat and Mona Lisa the puppy pop in the stretch and start their day The MAR way.

For those of you who would love to join but can’t make it there in person, why not join us live or watch the recording on Facebook or Instagram? Dial-in from home, and feel your shoulders drop.

Starting the day wound uptight? It’s downhill from there. Starting the day with calm, confidence, and clarity? Now that sounds MARvellous! Get in touch to find out more.