Imagine a world where everything was perfect. All the time. And no-one made a mistake. Ever. Pretty boring, right? And how would we ever learn anything new?

Albert Einstein was known for his scientific discoveries, however, he also recognized that he was a flawed genius: ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake had never tried anything new.’ We think that’s pretty smart.

The Fear of Failure

So, why are so many of us afraid of making a mistake? Why do we listen to that voice in our head that tells us to stay in our lane? To avoid disappointments, vulnerability, judgments, and making a fool of ourselves? To play it safe? The answer is simple: the fear of failure.

As children, we have fewer inhibitions. We experimented. We tried new things. We took risks. If we fell, there was someone to pick us up. And the result was that we learned from our mistakes: if the pot is hot, we don’t touch it again.

Born to Stand Out

As we grow, we become more afraid to make mistakes. What will people think? So often we hide our talents and our passions, and we focus on the very grownup responsibilities that weigh us down every day – like paying bills and raising kids. We put our own dreams and gifts on hold.

But here’s the thing. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Dr. Seuss has a point.

We believe that everyone has a talent. Some people paint. Some sing. Some bake the best apple pie you’ve ever had in your entire life. Now, what if you kept that talent locked in a padlocked box, not letting anyone see how it sparkles, because you were afraid of getting it wrong?

Inspiring Us All

Someone who really inspires us is Mandy Harvey, the deaf vocalist who won our hearts, along with the 3rd runner up spot, on Americas Got Talent 2017. Now stop for a minute and think about what her life would be like if she had let her fear of making a mistake to win. Maybe she didn’t want to sing in front of a live audience, a panel of judges, a dozen cameras, and hot lights trained on her. Oh, and not to mention the millions of people watching at home. Because a mistake on national TV can go viral. Luckily for us, and the world at large, she conquered that fear and went on to inspire us all. She let her voice, and her talents, shine through.

A Safe Place to Fall… and to Fly

The MAR is a safe place. No judgment. Just a soft place to land. It’s a place of teaching, creating, collaborating, learning, inspiring, and creating. It’s a place of fun. We think of ourselves as a community, and we welcome anyone seeking creative education, encouragement, or expression with open arms and open minds. 

At The MAR, mistakes are celebrated. That’s because mistakes are not just excused. They’re necessary. So, come, and be yourself. Let’s make mistakes together. Collaborate with performers, singers, dancers, actors, and more. This is our dream. What’s yours?