Albert Einstein was a smart guy, so when he said that ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’ we think he struck the right chord.

Chord… get it?

I know. We crack ourselves up sometimes.

The thing is, creativity is our bag. We love helping creative people to do creative things.

And now for an announcement: we have come up with the top ways that creative people can use The Mar. The votes are in, people, and for maximum drama, we are counting backward. Drum roll, please…

5. Creative businesses can call us their home

Creative business owners need a place to call home while they’re building their way towards a forever home.

And no, we don’t just mean a place to stash their stuff. Think bigger. No, bigger than that. We mean a place where they can dream, plot, and strategize. A place to get creative with networking, product development, marketing, live streaming, and generally thinking outside the box. You need creative space? We’ve got it!

4. Dance rehearsal

We see you, dance troop, dancing your socks off. This pandemic means that there are fewer opportunities to perform. But hey, you’ve got to keep practicing. Keep moving. Keep dancing. Because one day, when this is all behind us, you’re going to shine again. Dance rehearsals are what keeps the team together, in step, and in sync. Dance rehearsals are what keep you fit and motivated, and moving as one.

Did your dance crew know that we’ve got a floating dance floor for performances and rehearsals? How much fun is that? We can’t wait to see how you’ll use that space!

3. Distanced band practice

There’s never been a better time to get the band back together. We’re here for music collaboration. We’re here for creating new chords that you think might really soar. We’re here for trying out new lyrics that you’ve scribbled on the back of a napkin but haven’t let anyone hear yet. We’re here for jamming.

You may have heard that we’ve got kick-ass acoustics for rehearsing and performing. Well, you heard right. Whether you’re preparing for an on-stage performance or recording a virtual show, band practice is on the cards, and we’ve got just the right spot.

So, if music be the food of love, play on.

2. Record a demo

Now, if your band has been playing that sixth string ‘til their fingers hurt, or if you’ve been singing your little heart out, let’s talk about a demo. Your hard work at rehearsals means that the most exciting part of your musical career is here: it’s time to record a demo. After all, your unique sound needs to be in front of important ears. Who knows? When you’re interviewed in NME magazine, maybe you’ll remember recording the demo that changed everything.

And now, folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Coming in at number one is…

1. Teach a class

Your students might say that attending one of your classes is the best part of their day. Maybe it’s the calm in their otherwise stress-filled day of juggling work and family. Maybe it’s the fun and fitness that’s helping them cope with the pressures that this pandemic has placed on their shoulders. Regardless of the reason, your class needs you, so light up this space with your class.

Time to get creative

Our super location at the heart of St. Pete’s Grand Central District means that creativity is on your doorstep. So, whether you’re rehearsing, recording or teaching, we’ve got 1,417 square feet of creative space.

Get in touch and let’s brainstorm on what creative things you’ll do with the space!